feedingstuffs for dogs and cats


We are constantly at the forefront

Our technology

New Farm S.r.l. start your own business revolutionizing the traditional food processing system for dogs, introducing on the market innovative and never used before "selective Extrusion"

Through selective extrusion, noble materials, carefully selected to enter in recipes for pets, extruded and machined separately continue to offer all their valuable nutritional characteristics, keeping intact both raw ingredients and the nutritional value of the finished product, guaranteeing assimilabilità up to 90%.

Advantages of New Farm products

For the production of our products only uses noble materials that do not contain any type of by-product.

In addition, the particularity of our production system, slower, but less standardized than traditional systems (precisely because it requires constant control and qualified staff that follows every step of product processing) allows us to guarantee the customer a great tranquility in our foods as they meet the real needs of a dog, both at rest and during exercise.